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Not a bad decision considering that nearly $40 billion will be spent on probiotic foods, beverages and supplements in the coming twelve months. But before you go there are 3 VERY important elements that must be considered when choosing a probiotic fortified food or beverage. First off you need to insure that the probiotic strain is documented as safe and effective. Second, it must be proven to drive profits and third, it must encourage customer loyalty.

So, stay here and learn why GanedenBC30 is THE probiotic of choice for those who want to “Profit with Probiotics”.

  • GanedenBC30 drives profits: Food and beverage consumers pay premiums (as compared to non-probiotic fortified SKUs) of up to 25% for products containing GanedenBC30 and GanedenBC30 fits into virtually any cost structure, driving higher margins.
  • GanedenBC30 drives repeat purchases - at least 5 billion servings sold so far. Consumers feel the difference and come back for more.
  • GanedenBC30 will support your positive public image. GanedenBC30’s efficacy is supported by over 20 published studies and is supported by thought leaders worldwide.
  • GanedenBC30 can be formulated into almost any food or beverage and is the only FDA GRAS, shelf stable probiotic that can be added to:
    • Coffee & Tea   • Refrigerated Beverages
    • Baked Products   • Cereal
    • Confections   • HSTS Dairy Processing
    • Extruded Products   • Frozen Yogurt
    • Nutritional Bars  
  • GanedenBC30 can be found in over 500 products around the world.
  • 70% of today’s consumers are familiar with the term probiotic and associate it with good health.

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